• ALAM collaborated with Kelab Belia Prihatin, as well as other corporations, to carry out tree planting programme which will be conducted in all 14 states with 500 trees to be planted in each state by youth volunteers and a total of 7,000 trees planted in all 14 states within the period of 15 months.
  • Two documentaries namely “Bukan Nelayan Gila” and “Sampah Melata Alam Merana” are also part of ALAM We Be-Leaf Programme as a complementary effort to increase awareness on environmental issues.
  • Regenerate the forest that were previously explored and abandoned.
  • Involves reforesting identified areas in Perak, which will contribute to the restoration and conservation of Central Forest Spine (CFS) critical linkages and ecosystems.
  • Encompasses sustainable development as the culture of planting more trees.
  • Integrate environmental education and awareness among youths.
PartnersKelab Belia Prihatin and other corporations
Target GroupYouths
SDG AlignmentGoals 4, 12, 13, 15 and 17
Timeline15 Months