What We Do

Public Engagement & Awareness

Suara ALAM Conference

“Suara ALAM” (eng. Voice of ALAM) – is a conference that intends to be an avenue for the voices of different stakeholders (such as adults, youth, children and Indigenous People) on environmental issues, climate change, and biodiversity to be heard and discussed.

Merubah Minda Talk Series

Series of talks with renowned speakers in the Environmental and Sustainability fields in pursuit of mindset transformation on the environment through education. The series is conducted in a small event format with other corporations and organisations, as well as in the form of digital media such as podcasts or webinars on social media.

Early Career Ocean Professional (ECOP)

Global Indigenous Youth Summit on Climate Change (GIYSCC) (Past Programme)

A collaboration with United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and ALAM hosted as one of the Asian Co-Leads for GIYSCC. This programme is an online conference by, for and among Indigenous youth to discuss on Climate Change. The objective of the summit is to provide a ‘one of a kind’ platform to accelerate global engagement with Indigenous youth communities, cultures, languages, ethnicities, countries, and continents across the world and showcase youth perspectives, approaches, observations, concerns, interests, and strategies to address the local impacts of climate change across Indigenous communities on Earth.

EPU Talk (Past Programme)

This project is a collaboration with EPU to produce a series of webinars for EPU staff and clients to join as part of educating the masses on environment and sustainability.