The 4 Pillars Of ALAM

ALAM is uniting Malaysians in a safe and environmentally responsible way. We have a comprehensive strategy built on four core pillars, which guide our approach to the way we do things:


Understanding mother earth requires individuals to have knowledge and motivation. As a body that nurtures the importance of environmental and sustainability impact, ALAM aims to educate Malaysians to respond to the related issues they encounter in their daily and working lives, and at the same time explore how to achieve change.


Working in Malaysia with support from governmental bodies, policy makers and other stakeholders, ALAM promotes effective solutions to address environmental and sustainability issues. ALAM advocates policymaking in pursuit of promoting accountability, supporting environmental whistleblowing and preserving the interest of humanity.


Building upon various partnerships, ALAM supports Malaysians in implementing innovative and scalable strategies, to steer impactful environmental and sustainability programmes. For us at ALAM, collaboration is fundamental to being able to provide effective solutions.


Tackling environmental and sustainability issues over the next decade is a daunting task and it takes a nation-driven approach.  ALAM links partners, communities, funders, governments and businesses and facilitates collaborative partnerships for greater impact together.